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Taken from the ezboard forum (Gwen in another movie?)

SawRed says:

"So I am just watching the Sharon Osbourne show... and Rosanna Arquette is on, talking about her most recent release "Searching for Debra Winger", which she produced.

Arquette was just talking about her next project, which is going to be a look into rock couples, how they balance the work and the relationship and that sort of thing. She was telling Sharon that she wanted her and Ozzy to appear in it, and then she started listing off some of the people she's already had agree and she said very clearly "Gwen Stefani's going to be in it".

I tried to find info about it on imdb.com but she didn't mention a title. Usually imdb.com has upcoming projects but I think this one is really new... it's a documentary so it won't take an extremely long time to make."
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