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Name: Madelyn
Age: 18
What kinds of clothes do you wear? plaid pants, big jeans, bright colored clothes and shoes
What types of music do you listen to? pretty much every kind
Why do you love No Doubt? Because they are original and I love how they can take different kinds of music and mix them together and make it sound incredible!
Why do you love Gwen Stefani? Because she's original, I love her personality, her ability to write awesome songs, and of course her talent. Plus I want to be just like her. :D
Why do you love L.A.M.B.? I love the style, and how everything is so unique.
What qualities do you have that make you unique? I can play guitar, I really like writing songs, and people tell me they like my style of clothes because I'm original.
If you could meet anyone, living or deceased, who and why? I'd really love to meet Gwen and tell her how much of an inspiration she is to me!
Name the 3 things you can't live without and why you can't live without them: Music - I can't get through a day without it.
Pencil/Paper - I have to write all the time. I always put my emotions down in my songs/poetry
The ones I love - I need them near me to help me go on.

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