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Name: Carrera
Age: 16
What kinds of clothes do you wear? I wear just about anything. I*ll wear anything I like, I have to be comfortable!
What types of music do you listen to? Mostly Rock. I like a lot of oldies!
Why do you love No Doubt? I love No Doubt because they dont sound like any other bands.
Why do you love Gwen Stefani? I love Gwen because she is just so dam talented. She has such a different kind of sound. Shes gorgeous too!
Why do you love L.A.M.B.? because just like no doubt and Gwen its unique..
What qualities do you have that make you unique? well I have chilli pepper color hair (which i love), and I dont wanna be like everyone else. I just want to be me!
If you could meet anyone, living or deceased, who and why? If it were a guy it would be Jim Morrison because The Doors are my favorite band and if it were a girl it would be Gwen of course because like I said before shes amazing!
Name the 3 things you can't live without and why you can't live without them:
1. cd player (because I love music, without music I would die)
2. computer (because I love looking at neat things, and talking with important people)
3. my bed (because I love to sleep, I know what your thinking your a lazy ass, well yes I am) :-]

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