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What kinds of clothes do you wear? Jus about anything that is comfortable...I like a lot of oldies clothes like from the 80's and 50's
What types of music do you listen to? Mostly rock, and No doubt, obviously, I like the oldies
Why do you love No Doubt? Because their different from other bands out there...their not posers...their themselves...
Why do you love Gwen Stefani? Because she, like her band is unique and she is indefinitely, the first lady of rock
Why do you love L.A.M.B.? Because L.A.M.B. is such a unique saying, It just fits with Gwen, the band, and my life...
What qualities do you have that make you unique? I loved my burgundy hair which I sadly do not have anymore…but I do like my hair now, light brown with bleach blond streaks in the front and my sense of style I also like….
If you could meet anyone, living or deceased, who and why? I would love to meet Gwen Stefani, just because she is so awesome and if Marilyn Monroe were still alive today I would love to meet her because she was the true role model of the 20th century, she was just so kick a**
Name the 3 things you can't live without and why you can't live without them: My CD player, I can't live w/out my music, it's my life, No Doubt: Return of Saturn CD-It's my absolute favorite CD of the Bands and hmmm.... This is a toughie.... My journal, because that’s where I write down everything, were I publish the ideas in my mind, the poems of my life etc.
Photos: Okay...I’m a little new at posting pictures in the journal and I really still haven't figure it out yet, so you'll have to go to my pic website:

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