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Name: Kari Lynn
Age: 19
What kinds of clothes do you wear? Jeans, boy cut t-shirts, some L.A.M.B. clothing
What types of music do you listen to? nXd, Weezer, that dog, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, anything alt., soft alt, or punk
Why do you love No Doubt? When I first heard them (back in 1996) something just clicked and I was like "Hey I really like this band!"
Why do you love Gwen Stefani? She's hot, she's a fashion inspiration, and she's a role model for all those girls who want to becomes something other than pop singers.
Why do you love L.A.M.B.? It just reflects Gwen sooo much, and its super cute.
What qualities do you have that make you unique? I'm opininated, and have this quirky sense of humor.
If you could meet anyone, living or deceased, who and why? Well Gwen Stefani for one, because I can just relate to her music so much, and I love her fashion sense, even though others may not like it. And Rivers Cuomo from Weezer because he made Geek Rock, well ROCK!!!
Name the 3 things you can't live without and why you can't live without them: My cats, because they love me. My mom because she lets me live here even though I don't have a job. And my Lambie stuffed animal that I got many many many years ago that I sleep with.
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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